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But Gwenwyn in person, surrounded by his best and noblest champions, offered a defence as obstinate as the assault was intrepid. In vain they were borne to the earth by the barbed horses, or hewed down by the invulnerable riders. Wounded agencja nieruchomosci rolnych overthrown, the Britons continued their resistance, clung round the legs of the Norman steeds, and cumbered their advance while their brethren, thrusting with pikes, proved every joint and crevice of the plate and mail, or grappling with the men-at-arms, strove to pull them from their horses by main force, or beat them down with their bills and Welsh hooks. And wo betide those who were by these various agencja nieruchomosci rolnych dismounted, for the long sharp knives worn by the Welsh, soon pierced them with a agencja nieruchomosci rolnych wounds, and were then only merciful when the first inflicted was deadly. The combat was at this agencja nieruchomosci rolnych, and had raged for more than half an hour, when Berenger, having forced his horse within two spears length of the British standard, he and Gwenwyn were so near to each other as to exchange tokens of mutual defiance. Turn thee, Wolf of Wales, said Berenger, and abide, if thou darest, one blow of a good knights sword. Raymond Berenger spits at thee and thy banner. False Norman churl. said Gwenwyn, swinging around agencja nieruchomosci rolnych head a mace of prodigious weight, and already clottered with blood, thy iron headpiece shall ill protect thy lying tongue, with which I will this day feed the ravens. Raymond made no farther answer, but pushed his horse towards the Prince, who advanced to meet him with equal readiness.
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